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EYU Construction, Inc.

Building Confidence, Building Trust.



With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, EYU has been built from the ground up. We place an emphasis on leadership and communication skills, which are essential components necessary to navigate a construction project from concept to completion. EYU’s experience with all of the trade areas involved in new construction and sophisticated renovations has proven invaluable to the company and its clients. Combining technical expertise, field experience, and executive ability, we bring a uniquely comprehensive perspective to all of our projects.



The construction of a new home is often one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences that can occur in one’s lifetime. From breaking ground to completion, EYU and our team of specialists are with you every step of the way. EYU provides Architectural Services, Design Consultation and Engineers depending on the nature of the project. Our homes have a reputation for being at the heart of quality and we take great pride in creativity, innovation and value.



With a collaboration between the owner, architect and builder, EYU will transform your dream into a reality. We will embark on the project according to the architectural plans based on the owner’s desires. Our recognition of the importance of scheduling, cost control and quality control underlies our successful completion of many challenging projects on time and within budget.



Our construction philosophy is simple: communication, coordination and good old fashioned hard work are the keys to a successful build. As we continue the construction process your new home is in the midst of becoming a masterpiece. The implementation of the plan by our team of experts will give you the confidence that your new home will look exquisite and will last for generations to come.



One of the most thrilling parts of the building process is designing the interior. At EYU, we are passionate about details. From an authentic Tuscan to a Cape Cod, or an Ultra Modern home, the design features that are built and installed by our team of craftsmen will ensure that your home will be built to the highest standards. We will coordinate all the essential components to create a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for you and your family to enjoy.



Home construction materials and building techniques have changed in the past several decades to become more energy efficient and less harmful to our environment. By considering your building choices, you can easily increase the comfort, safety and efficiency of your new home without putting undue stress on our planet. By making your home “greener,” with solar power for example, you help to minimize pollution and protect the natural environment. EYU wants to create a healthy, comfortable, non-hazardous home for you and your family.



At this stage of the project we will ensure that your new home or renovation has been accomplished beyond your expectations. As you enter your new home, you will see that the construction has successfully come to completion and the process of enjoyment has just begun. Your dream is now a reality.


Before EYU Remodel

Liebe Pool.jpg

After EYU Remodel


EYU New Construction - Lot Grading


EYU New Construction - New Home

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